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Applied Scanning Probe Methods VI

Publication year: 2007

ISBN: 978-3-540-37319-3

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The scanning probe microscopy feld has been rapidly expanding. It is a demanding task to collect a timely overview of this feld with an emphasis on technical dev- opments and industrial applications. It became evident while editing Vols. I–IV that a large number of technical and applicational aspects are present and rapidly - veloping worldwide. Considering the success of Vols. I–IV and the fact that further colleagues from leading laboratories were ready to contribute their latest achie- ments, we decided to expand the series with articles touching felds not covered in the previous volumes. The response and support of our colleagues were excellent, making it possible to edit another three volumes of the series

Subject: Chemistry and Materials Science, AFM, Material Science, Microscopy, Nanoscience, Nanotube, Physical Chemistry, Polymer, STM, Surface Science, ceramics, liquid, spectroscopy