Arch. Muhsen Maksoud

Muhsen Maksoud

Arch. Muhsen Maksoud


1980-1985: Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Damascus University.

1986- Present: Member in the Engineers Association. Category: Consultant in architecture engineering.

1990- Present: Founder and Director General of Maksoud Architectural Group (MAG).

Member of the board of directors of Arab Bank from 2018 until 2022.

2007- Present: Chairman of the Arab International University (AIU), Damascus – Syria.

2008- Present: Member in the arbitration committees for graduating students and workshops locally and internationally.

Mr. Eng. Maksoud has designed the building of the Arab International University (AIU) and several other universities.

He also has enriched the architectural movement in Syria with a large number of projects, articles and literature for which he was honored and received so many awards. 2003- Present: In an unprecedented step in Syria, Mr. Maksoud established “Ibdaat Handasya” Magazine "Engineering Innovations", which is the first magazine, specialized in Architecture and its new and old research in a scientific and academic manner with no commercial outlook. Eagerly and with a high passion in order to supplement architecture with precious data and in honor of the one who devoted his life to the service of architecture,

Mr. Maksoud edited a book on the famous architect, Fernando de Aranda, to preserve the efforts of de Aranda, who spent most of his life in the mobilization of architecture in Syria.

2005: Participated in the Architecture Conference and Exhibition of the Middle East, Kuwait.

2006: Director of (View on Arabic Architecture) seminar in the First Syrian Architects Festival. Organized a seminar in Building at Syria: Difficulties and Ways of Development.

Eng. Maksoud has also participated in several local, Arab and even international conferences and exhibitions, including:

- 2008: Advisory Offices in Syria Conference organized by MAG.

- Engineering cooperation with the International Architect Zaha Hadid.

- Workshops with the Cloud9 Office, Spain.