Free Project

FREE is an Erasmus + project in the scope of Capacity building in Higher Education.  The purpose of project FREE is to establish capacity building in higher education institutions in three countries in the Mediterranean region: Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan, through empowerment of female academics in higher education.


FREE aims to increase the number of female representation at senior levels in Higher Education institutions and university boards.


Project Wider Objectives

The purpose of this project is to enhance the role of female academics in Lebanon, Jordan and Syria through increasing the number of women present in decision-making bodies and in academic and management positions. The project aims to contribute to improving management and operation of higher education by promoting a culture of gender egalitarianism, female leadership role model, and empowerment. The project aims to contribute to democratization of higher education by empowering female academics.


Specific Objectives

  • Empowering female academics and professionals at LB, JR and SY target HEIs through series of training workshop
  • Improving management and operation of HE through introduction of equality and sustainability centers and services at LB JR and SY HEIs
  • Development of research and innovation through network of research in Gender Issues at LB, JR and SY project HEIs


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