Internationalization Strategy

Arab International University (AIU) has a strong internationalization strategy that comes from its name as international university and based on the belief that the more exposure it has to the world, the faster the progress of the university and the better position it will have nationally and internationally.

AIU is committed to developing an international reputation and has partnerships and collaborations with a number of high quality universities and institutions throughout the world. These partnerships have been developed as a key feature of the University’s internationalization strategy; to enhance AIU’s position as a globally connected university. AIU aims to develop international links that promote student and staff mobility and support the advancement of knowledge and innovative research. International Credit Mobility (ICM) program fits very well in this strategy and provides AIU students and staff with the right opportunity to experience different cultures and teaching environment. AIU also welcomes students from EU and other nationalities.

AIU has a number of bilateral agreements with well-known German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian universities and was a partner in a number of Erasmus Mundus projects such as Peace, Peace II, Hermes, Phoenix, Avempace, Assur. AIU was also a partner in previous Tempus projects such as T-Meda and MATRE. AIU is also a partner in KA105 program with the aim of combating social exclusion among youth. The international office at AIU is also very active in preparing CBHE (KA2) proposals and develops strong links with many European universities.