AIU - Suggested Mission & Vision


Arab International University (AIU), seeks to represent an institute excelling and distinguished in higher education and scientific research. It also aims to be the platform from which knowledge, values and traditions are conveyed on a national and regional level. AIU also concentrates on local and worldwide implementation of all adopted quality standards and further directs its teaching and researching methods towards serving the community.


  • providing an appropriate educational environment for all faculty members ad student bodies.
  • Implementing advanced study programs which are continuously updated according to global scientific
  • Providing all the necessary financial and organizational requirements to insure the educational process at the university is running smoothly.
  • Developing students’ applied skills.
  • Offering motivational and moral support to well-performing students.
  • Selecting top technical and academic members in order to apply the best possible methods in delivering education to students.
  • Supporting scientific research and applying its researches in specialized units. It also provides motivational and moral support to inspire publishing these researches in world-renowned patrols.
  • Focusing well on all scientific research that benefit the community.
  • Applying all the standards and quality procedures through Total Quality Management (TQM) and hence, gaining local and national reliability.
  • Partnering with the best global universities and exchanges experience through students and professors.


Arab International University seeks to execute its top quality study plans and programs in order to graduate well qualified students able to play a great role in society. The university further seeks to build a strong base for scientific research that supports educational development and participates in dealing with all community issues.