• 09 May 2023
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An international Seminar in cooperation of Arab International University (AIU) and Taheri Muhammad Bashar University - Algeria, Dated 7th May 2023

Arab International University, in partnership and coordination with the Algerian Taheri Muhammad Bashar University, conducted an international scientific seminar via the Zoom platform, entitled "Principle of Equality between Women and Men in Arabic Laws" dated 7th May 2023. The Seminar included interventions by a number of professors from the Faculties of Law and Business Administration at Arab International University, and a number of professors from the Republic of Algeria and some other Arab countries. The seminar was held at the Equality and Sustainability Center under the supervision of the university administration, represented by President of AIU, Prof. Dr. Tamer Al Haja.
Co-researchers of Arab International University:
Prof. Dr. Wafaa Falhout, Dr. Serene Dalati, Dr. Khalid Al Batran, Dr. Hossam Faisal, Dr. Sousan Al Bitar, Dr. Nisreen Radwan, Dr. Anas Al Dairshawi, Dr. Ahmad Kairous, Dr. Tahani Al Malla
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