AIU Library

 Arab International University (AIU), includes a five-branch-library as well as an electronic library covering an area of 2250 m² at AIU. Both libraries include more than 87300 books and electronic titles so far, each faculty at the university is included with its own set of books related to the majors and fields included within.

 AIU’s libraries provide the following services:

- book lending.

- Providing research references.

- Impressive modern reading halls.

- Research and remote electronic browsing services with complete texts derived from renown international e-libraries (subscribed by AIU).

 The university pays great focus to this service due to its direct connection with students’ academic achievements. It therefore seeks to enrich the central library with all the books and resources that promote and facilitates their researching activities. All books available in AIU’s electronic library meet students’ demands and aim to significantly improve their workflow.

 Please feel free to browse our library right here!