Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education: Strand 2 - Partnerships for transformation in higher education

Call for Proposals Capacity building in the field of higher education (ERASMUS-EDU-2022-CBHE)
Deadline model  single-stage
Opening date   25 November 2021
Deadline date   17 February 2022 17:00:00 Brussels time
Agile Sustainable Management at Higher Education in South Mediterranean Region: From Old to New Paradigm Vision of 2030 – NEVEREST
Sustainability Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) for Colleges and Universities
The Sustainability Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) is designed to assist you in assessing the extent to which your university is sustainable in its teaching, research, operations and outreach.  “Sustainability” implies that the major activities on your campus are ecologically sound, socially just, economically viable and humane, and that they will continue to be so for future generations.  Academic institutions vary considerably in how they approach sustainability: some concentrate on minimizing their ecological impact through changes in operations; others emphasize sustainability in the curriculum. This survey of sustainability at your college or university asks you to give impressions of your institution’s accomplishments on seven critical dimensions of higher education:
  1. Curriculum 
  2. Research and Scholarship
  3. Operations and Campus Management
  4. Faculty and Staff Development and Rewards
  5. Administration, Mission and Planning

    The SAQ is designed to stimulate discussion and further assessment by campus representatives who are knowledgeable about and responsible for the activities mentioned in each section. We would be grateful if you could take 15 minutes of your time to answer the following questions. Thank you for taking the time and effort for filling this questionnaire.