The (Private) Arab International University announces its desire to support its administrative staff within the sports facility under the job title: Swimming Lifeguard

Swimming lifeguard job

The lifeguard is responsible for maintaining order in the swimming pool facilities by preventing accidents, enforcing the policies, rules and regulations of the university sports facility and is also responsible for monitoring the swimming pool facilities for potential hazards or unsafe conditions and providing first aid to users.

Job Description

  1. Carry out all the tasks assigned by the director of the center
  2. Perform first aid and CPR when necessary.
  3. Maintain public safety.
  4. Monitor the area designated to prevent accidents and injuries, and adhere to necessary precautions to ensure users’ health and safety
  5. Apply the rules and regulations of the sports center, abide by the facility's policy, assist users, and remind beneficiaries of the facility's rules when necessary, in a polite manner


The required conditions

  • A valid lifeguard certificate from the Syrian Arab Swimming Federation
  • At least 3 years of experience in rescue
  • Training certificate or training experience within swimming schools
  • Age over 25 years old

Those who are interested, please send your CVs to the following, mentioning the job title / lifeguard pv13/:

- Email at

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