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The Forest and the City

From providers of livelihoods to healthy recreational environments, and from places of inspiration and learning to a source ...

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The Hackable City : Digital Media and Collaborative City-Making in the Network Society

This book presents a number of the latest academic insights into new collaborative modes of city making that are firmly rooted ...

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The Interconnected Arctic — UArctic Congress 2016

This book presents the most current research results and knowledge from five multidisciplinary themes: Vulnerability of ...

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The Landscapists / Ed Wall

Who defines the landscapes around us? What practices are employed as contemporary landscapes are produced? This issue argues ...

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The Life and Afterlife of Gay Neighborhoods Renaissance and Resurgence

This book examines the significance of gay neighborhoods (or ‘gayborhoods’) from critical periods of formation during ...

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The Promise of Higher Education : Essays in Honour of 70 Years of IAU

It is a collection of short essays, accessible through open access, takes the interested reader on a tour across the global ...

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The Socio-Economic Causes and Consequences of Desertification in Central Asia

This book contains a selection of papers presented at the Advanced Research Workshop on ‘The Socio-economic causes and ...

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The Soils of Israel

Eleven chapters present a concise description of the soils of Israel, including their distribution, chemical, physical mineralogical ...

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The Territorial Future of the City

The volume brings together contributions by leading scholars and young academics with experience in the urban potential of ...

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Transdisciplinary Challenges in Landscape Ecology and Restoration Ecology - An Anthology

A collection of widely dispersed major publications on theoretical and practical Mediterranean, global environmental and ...

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Urban Ecology : An International Perspective on the Interaction Between Humans and Nature

Urban Ecology is the study of ecosystems that include humans living in cities and urbanizing landscapes. This book presents ...

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Urban Environmental Management and Technology

This book examines the importance of urban environmental management in the face of formidable challenges. It offers a comprehensive ...

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Urban Forests and Trees

This publication is the result of more than six years of hard work by a dedicated group of European urban forest and tree ...

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Urban Landscape Perspectives

Urban Landscape Perspectives explores how landscape terminology can be usefully brought into the urban debate. Articles in ...

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Urban Planning Against Poverty How to Think and Do Better Cities in the Global South

This book revisits the theoretical foundations of urban planning and the application of these concepts and methods in the ...

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Visual Communication for Architects and Designers : Constructing the Persuasive Presentation / Margaret Fletcher

Teaches you the art of designing a concise, clear, compelling and effective visual and verbal presentation. Margaret Fletcher ...

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Vulnerable Cities: Realities, Innovations and Strategies

This book combines empirical and comparative analysis of improvement of vulnerable urban space and post-disaster rehabilitation ...

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Wild Urban Woodlands

This volume focuses on a particular component of the urban forest - trix - urban wild woodlands. We understand these to be ...

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Youthquake 2017 : The Rise of Young Cosmopolitans in Britain

Investigates the reasons behind the 2017 youthquake – which saw the highest rate of youth turnout in a quarter of a century, ...

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Total Books: 101 - 119 /119