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Reviewing Design Process Theories : Discourses in Architecture, Urban Design and Planning Theories / Mahmud Rezaei

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 978-3-030-61916-9

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Simplifies 140 complex theories into 8 categories, supplemented with diagrams, tables, and illustrations Offers a comprehensive guide to design methodology in a range of design-related fields and for a broad audience: architects, urban designers, planners, graphic designers, industrial designers, etc. Includes chronological literature reviews for each theory category

Subject: Landscape, Regional planning, Urban Planning, Building Construction, Building Design, Community and Environmental Psychology, Design Theories and Methods, Architectural Design Process, Types of Theories in Design Thinking, Theories in Design Methodology, Design Paradigms and Typology, Analysis, Synthesis and Evaluation in Design Theories, Problem-solving Theories in Design and Planning, Philosophy of Design Process and Planning, Design Problems and Soultions, Design Components and Approaches