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B2B Brand Management

Our book is one of the first to probe deeply into the art and science of branding industrial products. We provide the concepts, ...

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Balancing Exploration and Exploitation by Creating Organizational Think Tanks

Key for successful knowledge management is a balance between exploration and exploitation. Danger arises when exploration ...

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Bank Capital and Risk-Taking

The aim of this study is to contribute to this understanding by answering the following questions: How do banks adjust capital ...

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Banking Sector Liberalization in India

Banking Sector Liberalization in India explores in detail the changes in the Indian banking sector over the last 20 years, ...

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Banking for Family Business

Hints of globalization have actually been around for several decades, even though they made only a modest impact; however, ...

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Banks and Shareholder Value

In the German banking sector, management is continually increasing its focus on shareholder interests. This can be seen in ...

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Bargaining Power Effects in Financial Contracting

The aim of this dissertation is to examine bargaining power effects in financial contracting. In particular power effects ...

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Becoming Virtual

This book examines the capabilities needed to transform a globally distributed organization into a virtual organization (an ...

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Biased Technical Change and Economic Conservation Laws

The concept of economic conservation laws dates back to Ramsey’s classic study of 1928. This book primarily makes use of ...

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Big Data : A Road Map for Successful Digital Marketing / Amandeep Singh, Rohit Bansal, Sandhir Sharma

Big Data: A Roadmap for Successful Digital Marketing explores recent trends in the use of big data to predict consumer behavior, ...

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Bio-Inspired Credit Risk Analysis

Credit risk analysis is one of the most important topics in the field of financial risk management. Due to recent financial ...

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Bond Portfolio Optimization

1 The tools of modern portfolio theory are in general use in the equity markets, either in the form of portfolio optimization ...

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Bringing the Jobless into Work?

Over the last decade, many industrialized countries shifted from passive unemployment and welfare benefit regimes and traditional ...

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Broadband in Europe

Broadband is a key enabler of the information society, increasing productivity and competitiveness across all sectors of ...

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Building Intuition

"‘This user-friendly book will help the reader to develop insights with respect to a number of models that are important ...

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Building Supply Chain Excellence in Emerging Economies

How can we manage supply chains well in emerging economies, coordinate information flows with multiple partners, tackle challenges ...

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Building a Future with BRICs The Next Decade for Offshoring

In 2003, Goldman Sachs published a startling report on the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) region: These four countries ...

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Business Cycle Dynamics

Business cycle theory has been one of the fastest growing fields in modern nonlinear economic dynamics. The book is centered ...

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Business Education and Emerging Market Economies

Business Education in Emerging Market Economies discusses the impact of business education on emerging markets and explores ...

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Business Success in China

In this book practitioners of international companies are offered valuable insights and lessons from established and successful ...

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Total Books: 61 - 80 /886