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The Evolution of the US Airline Industry

For over three decades the airline industry has continued to maintain a high profile in the public mind and in public policy ...

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The Fish Oocyte: from basic studies to biotechnological applications

This book addresses the growing needs in deciphering the biological processes associated with fish reproduction, in view ...

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The Future of Telecommunications Industries

This book contains the results of a Transatlantic Symposium organized by the MÜNCHNER KREIS and supported by Georgetown ...

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The GABA Receptors

Particular B emphasis is placed on describing the assembly, structure, and function of GABA B sites, the first heterodimeric ...

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The Golden Mouse : Ecology and Conservation

This volume is the first attempt to draw together what is known about the golden mouse ranging from systematics, natural ...

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The Golgi Apparatus

This book summarizes all new data obtained after development of methods of Golgi complex sub fractionation, molecular biology ...

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The Governance of Insurance Undertakings : Corporate Law and Insurance Regulation

This volume of the AIDA Europe Research Series on Insurance Law and Regulation brings together contributions from authors ...

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The Handbook of Environmental Voluntary Agreements

environmental policy represent a “third wave” of regulation in the environmental field. “Command and control” was ...

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The Hereditary Basis of Rheumatic Diseases

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) represents a complex disease where the inheritable component has been estimated to be up to 60%. ...

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The Histone Code and Beyond

Methylation of DNA at cytosine residues as well as post-translational modifications of histones, including phosphorylation, ...

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The Immune Synapse as a Novel Target for Therapy

The immune synapse can be compared to a molecular machine that controls T cell activation when getting in contact with an ...

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The Japanese Banking Crisis

This book provides a readable narrative of the bubbles and the banking crisis Japan experienced during the two decades between ...

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The Link Between Inflammation and Cancer

The transcription factor NF-kB has long been known to play a central role in the immune system by regulating the expression ...

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The Morality of Business

That business is benevolent, positive, and honorable might seem a difficult argument given the hostility among intellectuals, ...

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The Myc

Intense study of the enigmatic myc proto-oncogene over the last 20 years has broadened our view of its functions and led ...

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The NPY Family of Peptides in Immune Disorders, Inflammation, Angiogenesis, and Cancer

Recent research indicates that the immune system and inflammatory reactions are governed and regulated by powerful neuronal ...

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The Palgrave Handbook of Positive Education

This handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the growing field of positive education, featuring a broad range of theoretical, ...

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The Pollen Tube

The enormous amount of data now available about the pollen tube clearly reflects its qualities as a biological model that ...

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The RFID Roadmap: The Next Steps for Europe

RFID is a key technology for Europe. Today we are witnessing a noticeable shift away from RFID pilot projects of the early ...

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The Resolution of Inflammation

Much progress has been made in elucidating the mechanisms regulating the induction and progression of inflammatory diseases. ...

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Total Books: 321 - 340 /373