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Telecommunications Planning

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-0-387-29234-2

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Network Design and Management focuses on the latest methodological developments in three key areas---pricing of telecommunications services, network design, and resource allocation. These three elements are most relevant to current telecommunications planning. The first five chapters cover global deregulation of the telecommunications industry, effective pricing and revenue management, as well as an understanding of competitive pressures are key factors that will improve revenue in telecommunications companies. These chapters present some novel ideas related to pricing (including auction-based pricing of network bandwidth) and modeling competition in the industry. The next seven chapters outline what successful telecommunications companies of the future will need to do in order to minimize their costs and still meet customer expectations. In this context the optimal design/provisioning of telecommunication networks plays an important role. These chapters focus on network design for a wide range of technologies including SONET, SDH, WDM, and MPLS. They include the latest research developments related to the modeling and solving of network design problems. The final six chapters provide insightful solutions to several resource allocation problems. Day-to-day management/control of telecommunications networks is dependant upon the optimal allocation of resources.

Subject: Business and Economics, Anandalingam, Deregulation, Design, Innovations, Management, Network planning, Pricing, Telecommunications, Wireless Networks