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Andrology for the Clinician

Andrology for the Clinician consists of two parts: In Part One, the busy clinician can easily find the problem-orientated ...

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Cancer du testicule

Testicular cancer has benefited from important therapeutic advances radically transforming its prognosis. Recent protocols ...

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Diagnostica per immagini dellapparato urogenitale = Imaging of the urogenital system

The work is divided into nine parts and deals with normal macroscopic and radiological anatomy in the first six chapters, ...

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Drugs Compromising Male Sexual Health

This concise drug guide lists approximately 500 substances, such as pharmaceutical drugs, lifestyle drugs, and environmental ...

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Endourological Management of Urogenital Carcinoma

This seventh volume in the series focuses on the treatment of urogenital malignancies by endourological procedures, including ...

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Laparoscopic Urologic Surgery in Malignancies

The horizons of laparoscopic surgery are expanding, such that the overwhelming majority of abdominal urologic procedures ...

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Office Andrology

The investigation and management of male infertility can be a formidable diagnostic challenge to family physicians, urologists, ...

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Urological Emergencies in Clinical Practice

A user-friendly pocketbook, this is easy to refer to in an emergency situation. Each chapter is clearly marked, separated ...

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Total Books: 1 - 8 /8