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Advancing the Science of Cancer in Latinos

This book gives an overview of the sessions, panel discussions, and outcomes of the Advancing the Science of Cancer in Latinos ...

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Anxiety Disorders : A Pocket Guide for Primary Care

In Anxiety Disorders: A Pocket Guide for Primary Care, distinguished clinicians combine over a century of experience into ...

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Anxiety In Health Behaviors And Physical Illness

While the links between physical illness and depression have been well-documented and analyzed, little has been made of the ...

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Anxiety and Substance Use Disorders

Anxiety and Substance Use Disorders: The Vicious Cycle of Comorbidity addresses this gap with dispatches from the frontlines ...

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Brain and Heart Dynamics

Despite the increasing awareness that neural mechanisms are the primary cause of cardiac disease and its progression, therapy ...

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Media Resistance

his book is about those who dislike, protest, and try to abstain from media, both new and old. It explains why media resistance ...

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Principles of Neuropsychological Assessment with Hispanics

The inaugural volume in the Issues of Diversity in Clinical Neuropsychology series, Principles of Neuropsychological Assessment ...

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The Handbook of South American Archaeology

The Handbook of South American Archaeology has been created as a major reference work for archaeologists working in South ...

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Total Books: 1 - 8 /8