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34th Hemophilia Symposium Hamburg 2003

This book contains the contributions to the 34th Hemophilia Symposium, Hamburg 2003. The main topics are HIV infection and ...

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35th Hemophilia Symposium Hamburg 2004

Motion analysis as introduced 2 years ago on a national basis effectively identifies individual functional disorders and ...

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37th Hemophilia Symposium

This book contains the contribution to the 37th Hemophilia Symposium, Hamburg 2006. The main topics are epidemiolgy, treatment ...

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A Seat on the Aisle, Please!

In this concise, clearly written, and sympathetic new book, Elizabeth Kavaler suggests that a new approach to UT disorders ...

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Abord clinique du malade âgé = Clinic Approach for the Elderly Patient

The general practitioner and the specialists are brought to examine a growing number of elderly or very old patients. Until ...

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Advanced Techniques in Diagnostic Microbiology

The book is divided into two sections. The first techniques section covers the principles and characteristics of techniques ...

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Advances in Microbiology, Infectious Diseases and Public Health

Focuses on current progress in the broad field of medical microbiology, and covers both basic and applied topics related ...

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Aids-Associated Viral Oncogenesis

AIDS-associated viral oncology is a significant healthcare problem. Since the identification of human immunodeficiency virus ...

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Allergic Diseases

In this updated third edition of the critically-acclaimed volume, expert physicians assemble user-friendly, clinically-oriented ...

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Anaesthesia, Pain, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine - A.P.I.C.E.

APICE 2004 has been organised to provide precise answers to these issues. In particular, considerable emphasis has been given ...

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Anaesthesia, Pain, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine - A.P.I.C.E.

The main objective of modern medicine has been the acquisition of increased skills and highly specialised knowledge in the ...

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Andrology for the Clinician

Andrology for the Clinician consists of two parts: In Part One, the busy clinician can easily find the problem-orientated ...

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Anti-Microbial Resistance in Global Perspective

This book provides an accessible introduction to the mechanics of international development and global health text for policy-makers ...

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Antibiotic Policies

This unique book assembles contributions from experts around the world concerned with responsible use of antibiotics and ...

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Antibiotic Policies: Fighting Resistance

This book addresses many of the key issues taxing our society and hospitals in an era of epidemic resistance and shortage ...

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Antimicrobial Resistance and Implications for the Twenty-First Century

This new volume of the Emerging Infectious Diseases of the 21st Century series is a collection of chapters by leading world ...

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Antiviral Drug Discovery and Development / Xinyong Liu, Peng Zhan, Luis Menéndez-Arias, Vasanthanathan Poongavanam

Summarizes antiviral drug design and discovery approaches Provides the latest update in the field of antiviral therapeutics Includes ...

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Apoptosis, Cell Signaling, and Human Diseases

Volume 1 is divided into two sections: "Malignant Transformation and Metastasis" and "Molecular Basis of Disease Therapy." ...

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Atlas of Dermatological Conditions in Populations of African Ancestry

This book presents the nuances of dermatology from the African diaspora and the tropics. It not only addresses the dark pigmentation ...

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Bacterial Biofilms

This volume tends to focus on the biology of biofilms that affect human disease. It opens with chapters that provide the ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /195