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Atlas of Dermatological Conditions in Populations of African Ancestry

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 978-3-030-72617-1

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This book presents the nuances of dermatology from the African diaspora and the tropics. It not only addresses the dark pigmentation of the patient’s skin and the occurrence of tropical infections, but also the socioeconomic conditions which lead to unique features and the development of skin diseases. Chapters present numerous dermatological cases, with clear/relevant pictures, to serve as illustration of how skin conditions present in African/dark skin. Of these specific conditions, the book includes chapters on eczema, bullous diseases, hair disorders, acne, and papulosquamous disorders.

Subject: Medicine, Dermatology, skin of color, tropical dermatology, ethnic skin, eczema, skin cancers, hair disorders, nail disorders, pigmentation disorders, scars, keloids, infections, infestations, acneiform disorders, bullous diseases, skin bleaching