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African Languages and Literatures in the 21st Century

Examines the crucial role still played by African languages in pedagogy and literatures in the 21st century, generating ...

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Disability, Health and Human Development

This open access book introduces the human development model to define disability and map its links with health and wellbeing, ...

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Forest Entomology in East Africa

East African forests, among the world’s most biologically rich and diverse, are subject to multiple pressures, including ...

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Marine Resource Conservation and Poverty Reduction Strategies in Tanzania

Despite the social, nutritional, economical and environmental importance of Tanzanian coastal areas, yet they are vulnerable ...

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Pentecostalism and Witchcraft

This open access book presents fresh ethnographic work from the regions of Africa and Melanesia—where the popularity of ...

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Rent-Seeking, Institutions and Reforms in Africa

This book identifies rent-seeking behaviour as one of the main causes of poor economic performance, observed, among other ...

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Total Books: 1 - 6 /6