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Advanced dental nursing / Robert Ireland, MFGCP

Advanced Dental Nursing is a must have companion for every dental nurse for the post-certification courses in oral health ...

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An Introduction to Pharmacovigilance, 2nd Edition / Patrick Waller, Mira Harrison-Woolrych

Designed to aid the rapid understanding of the key principles of pharmacovigilance. Packed full of examples illustrating ...

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Anatomy: Regional, Surgical, and Applied / Qassim F. Baker & Philip J. Adds

Presents a concise, accessible guide to regional and clinically applied anatomy, which clearly demonstrates to students the ...

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Atlas of Topographical and Pathotopographical Anatomy of the Head and Neck / Z. M. Seagal

Presents the ultrasonic topographical and pathotopographical anatomy of the head and neck, offering further detail into these ...

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Basic Guide to Dental Instruments / Carmen Scheller‐Sheridan

Provides a working inventory of dental instrumentation in common use in dental surgeries. A clear photograph of each instrument ...

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Basic Guide to Dental Sedation Nursing (Basic Guide Dentistry Series) / Nicola Rogers

It's a must have book for all dental nurses seeking to develop their knowledge and understanding of this core area of clinical ...

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Basic Guide to Dental Sedation Nursing, 2nd Edition / Nicola Rogers

Starts by defining conscious sedation and discusses why dental sedation is used before moving on to discuss topics such as ...

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Basic Guide to Oral Health Education and Promotion, 3rd Edition / Alison Chapman, Simon H. Felton

An essential guide to help dental nurses prepare for a qualification in Oral Health Education and thereafter practice as ...

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Basic Guide to Orthodontic Dental Nursing (Basic Guide Dentistry Series) / Fiona Grist

It's a comprehensive guide that offers an introduction for students seeking to develop their knowledge and understanding ...

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Care in Healthcare

This book examines the concept of care and care practices in healthcare from the interdisciplinary perspectives of continental ...

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Casebook of Orthopedic Rehabilitation : Including Virtual Reality

This book is a companion text to Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Assessment, and Enablement by the same author, but can be used ...

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Clinical Pathways in Stroke Rehabilitation Evidence-based Clinical Practice Recommendations

This book focuses on practical clinical problems that are frequently encountered in stroke rehabilitation. Consequences ...

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Common Eye Diseases and their Management

There have been significant advances in the diagnosis and management of eye disease since the last edition of Common Eye ...

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Cosmetic dermatology : products and procedures / Draelos, Zoe Kececioglu

Pprovides a highly-illustrated, clinical guide to the full range of cosmetic skin treatments. Bringing together experts from ...

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Dental implant prosthetics / Misch, Carl E.

This book helps you advance your skills and understanding of implant prosthetics. Comprehensive coverage includes both simple ...

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Essential Practical Prescribing / Georgia Woodfield, Benedict Lyle Phillips, Victoria Taylor, Amy Hawkins, Andrew Stanton

Designed to support lecture series or themes on core topics within the health sciences. See www.wileyessential.com for further ...

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Euthanasia: Searching for the Full Story Experiences and Insights of Belgian Doctors and Nurses

This book has been written by ten Belgian health care professionals, nurses, university professors and doctors specializing ...

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Fragility Fracture Nursing

This open access book aims to provide a comprehensive but practical overview of the knowledge required for the assessment ...

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Fundamentals of Cancer Detection, Treatment, and Prevention / Surya K. De

The book offers a comprehensive overview of cancer in humans, from its causes, symptoms, and diagnosis to the variety of ...

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Fundamentals of Treatment Planning : Guidelines on How to Develop, Plan, Write, and Deliver a Prosthodontic Care Project / Lino Calvani

Helps dentists, prosthodontists, and students form and organize their thinking and formulate correct diagnoses and therapies ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /47