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Cosmetic dermatology : products and procedures / Draelos, Zoe Kececioglu

Publication year: 2016

ISBN: 111865546X

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Pprovides a highly-illustrated, clinical guide to the full range of cosmetic skin treatments. Bringing together experts from research, industry, surgery and practice, it is structured in four distinct parts for easy navigation by the busy clinician:Basic Concepts - giving an overview of the physiology pertinent to cosmetic dermatology and the delivery systems by which treatments can take effect;Hygiene Products - evaluating cleansing and moisturising products;Adornment - looking at aesthetic techniques such as cosmetics, nail protheses and hair treatment;Antiaging - ie, injectables, resurfacing and skin contouring techniques, and the rapidly growing area of Cosmeceuticals.

Subject: Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Dermatology, Cosmetic, Esthetic Dermatology, Cosmetic Skin Actives, Hygiene Products, Moisturizers, Personal Care Products, Adornment, Colored Facial Cosmetics, Nail Cosmetics, Hair Cosmetics, Anti-aging, Cosmeceuticals, Injectable Anti-aging Techniques, Resurfacing Techniques, Skin Modulation Techniques, Skin Contouring Techniques, Cosmetic Dermatologyinto Therapeutics