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A Life (Un)Worthy of Living

This book presents the findings of a study into the social shaping of reproductive genetics in Germany and Israel, two exceptionally ...

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A Philosophical Examination of Social Justice and Child Poverty

This book is open access under a CCBY license. This book investigates child poverty from a philosophical perspective. It ...

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A Space of Their Own: The Archaeology of Nineteenth Century Lunatic Asylums in Britain, South Australia and Tasmania

The history of lunatic asylums – what do we really know about them? Films and television programs have portrayed them as ...

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Action and Responsibility

What makes an event count as an action? Typical answers appeal to the way in which the event was produced: e.g., perhaps ...

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Altering Nature : Volume One: Concepts of ‘Nature’ and ‘The Natural’ in Biotechnology Debates

Volume One, Concepts of 'Nature' and 'The Natural' in Biotechnology Debates, offers nuanced accounts of the ways that ...

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Altering Nature :Volume Two: Religion, Biotechnology, and Public Policy

The two volumes of Altering Nature consider the complex ways that concepts of 'nature' and 'the natural' are understood ...

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Animal Welfare : Competing Conceptions and Their Ethical Implications

The thesis of this book is that members of what I shall call the “animal welfare science community,”3 which includes ...

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Anterior knee pain and patellar instability

This multidisciplinary book reviews the diagnosis and management of anterior knee pain and patellar instability in an eminently ...

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Anti-Vivisection and the Profession of Medicine in Britain

This book explores the social history of the anti-vivisection movement in Britain from its nineteenth-century beginnings ...

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Argumentation in Science Education

This book brings together the work of leading experts in argumentation in science education. It presents research combining ...

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Artificial Nutrition and Hydration : The New Catholic Debate

This collection of essays by some of the most prominent Catholic bioethicists addresses the Pope’s statements, the moral ...

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Atlante Per La Stadiazione Dei Tumori Maligni = Atlas for the Staging of Malignant Tumors

he atlas contains over 400 specially created black and white illustrations describing the anatomical extent of the malignant ...

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Beauty’s Appeal : Measure and Excess

Beauty fulfils human existence. As it registers in our aesthetic experience, beauty enhances nature’s enchantment around ...

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Being Apart from Reasons

The book presents objections to the most common response given by contemporary legal and political theorists to the moral ...

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Bioethics in Cultural Contexts

This book discusses a range of methodological issues for an interdisciplinary bioethics. How can bioethics be an enterprise ...

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Bioethics in a Small World

Bioethics has addressed many of the issues that arise in the context of globalisation. This book presents the results of ...

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Blameworthy Belief

Believing the wrong thing may sometimes have drastic consequences. The question as to when a person is not only ill-guided, ...

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Branded Content : The Fateful Merging of Media and Marketing / Jonathan Hardy

This is a critical study of the changing relationship between media and marketing communications in the digital age. It examines ...

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Chasing the Chinese Dream Four Decades of Following China’s War on Poverty

This book explores the historical, cultural and philosophical contexts that have made anti-poverty the core of Chinese society ...

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China: Bioethics, Trust, and The Challenge Of The Market

This volume provides a unique perspective on the market reforms currently taking place in Chinese health care. The authors ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /119