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Atlante Per La Stadiazione Dei Tumori Maligni = Atlas for the Staging of Malignant Tumors

Publication year: 2007

ISBN: 978-88-470-0694-2

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he atlas contains over 400 specially created black and white illustrations describing the anatomical extent of the malignant tumor in the primary site (T), regional lymph nodes (N) and distant metastases (M) for various sites, including the head and neck area, the digestive system, the thorax, the musculoskeletal system, the soft tissues, the breast, the urinary system and the genital system. Each illustration provides precise and detailed descriptions designed to clarify the crucial anatomical structures and to provide the reader with an immediate view of the progressive extension of the disease. The most important anatomical structures are identified by specific definitions.

Subject: Medicine, Surgical Oncology, Surgery, Oncology, Pathology, Chirurgia, Chirurgia oncologica, Oncologia, Stadiazione tumorale, carcinoma, Surgery, Cancer Surgery, Oncology, Tumor Staging, Carcinoma