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A Legacy for Living Systems

This book represents a major attempt to revise this deficiency. Scholars from ecology, biochemistry, evolutionary biology, ...

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Acceptance- and Mindfulness-Based Approaches to Anxiety

Chapter authors clearly place mindfulness and acceptance into the clinical lexicon, establishing links with established traditions, ...

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Agricultural Implications of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident : The First Three Years

The book consists of various topics, including radioactivity inspection of food products; decontamination trials for rice ...

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Animal Welfare : Competing Conceptions and Their Ethical Implications

The thesis of this book is that members of what I shall call the “animal welfare science community,”3 which includes ...

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Apprehension and Argument

This book offers the first synoptic study of how the primary elements in knowledge structures were analysed in antiquity ...

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Artificial Mind System

This book is written from an engineer's perspective of the mind. "Artificial Mind System" exposes the reader to a broad ...

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Authoritative Communities

Authoritative Communities: The Scientific Case for Nurturing the Whole Child introduces innovative solutions based firmly ...

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Between Psychology and Philosophy East-West Themes and Beyond

This book discusses a variety of important but unprecedented ways in which psychology can be useful to philosophy. The early ...

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Body and Practice in Kant

This book argues that this standard image of the great German philosopher is radically wrong. Not only does Kant reflect ...

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Cartographies of the Mind

The present book is a collection of essays exploring some classical dimensions of mind both from the perspective of an empirically-informed ...

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Causation, Coherence and Concepts : A Collection of Essays

the papers cover epistemology, general philosophy of science, philosophy of language, and philosophy of mind. The section ...

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Cognitive Aspects of Bilingualism

A unique feature of this book is that chapters favor that line of cognitive linguistics which makes a clear distinction between ...

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Computational Mind: A Complex Dynamics Perspective

Computational Mind: A Complex Dynamics Perspective is a graduate–level monographic textbook in the field of Computational ...

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Concepts in Action Representation, Learning, and Application

This book is a timely contribution in presenting recent issues, approaches, and results that are not only central to the ...

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Concepts, Frames and Cascades in Semantics, Cognition and Ontology

This book presents novel theoretical, empirical and experimental work exploring the nature of mental representations that ...

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Consumer Happiness: Multiple Perspectives

Helps quench the quest of knowledge of academicians, researchers, and others interested in developing a complete and critical ...

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Creating Cool MINDSTORMS® NXT Robots

Build and program MINDSTORM NXT robots with Daniele Benedettelli, one of the world's most respected NXT robot builders. ...

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Decision-Making in Engineering Design

We use our brains when we create plans and designs. The resulting plans and designs take physical form, however, what we ...

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Emerging and Young Adulthood

The delayed onset of maturity from adolescence to adulthood is gaining the considerable attention of scholars, not to mention ...

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Entrepreneurial Cognition

This open access book investigates the inter-relationship between the mind and a potential opportunity to explore the psychology ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /61