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Artificial Mind System

Publication year: 2005

ISBN: 978-3-540-32403-4

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This book is written from an engineer's perspective of the mind. "Artificial Mind System" exposes the reader to a broad spectrum of interesting areas in general brain science and mind-oriented studies. In this research monograph a picture of the holistic model of an artificial mind system and its behaviour is drawn, as concretely as possible, within a unified context, which could eventually lead to practical realisation in terms of hardware or software. With a view that "the mind is a system always evolving", ideas inspired by many branches of studies related to brain science are integrated within the text, i.e. artificial intelligence, cognitive science / psychology, connectionism, consciousness studies, general neuroscience, linguistics, pattern recognition / data clustering, robotics, and signal processing.

Subject: Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Mind, Regression, Signal, cognition, cognitive science, creating the brain, intelligence, learning, linguistics, model, modeling, neural networks, robot, robotics