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Abuse of Dominant Position: New Interpretation, New Enforcement Mechanisms?

As part of its review of competition law that started in the late 1990s, the European Commission proposes to revise its interpretation ...

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Access to Medicines and Vaccines : Implementing Flexibilities Under Intellectual Property Law

This book is the outcome of a Global Forum on Innovation, Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines held in December ...

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Brexit and the Control of Tobacco Illicit Trade

This book assesses the consequences of Brexit for the control of illicit trade in tobacco products in the UK and EU. Based ...

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Combatting Illicit Trade on the EU Border A Comparative Perspective

This book provides the first-ever comparative study on criminal policy concerning the illicit trade of tobacco, conducted ...

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EU External Action in International Economic Law

The topic of the external action of the EU within international economic law, with a special focus on investment law. The ...

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Foreign Investor Misconduct in International Investment Law

examines the issue of foreign investor misconduct in modern international investment law, focusing on the approach that international ...

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From Bilateral Arbitral Tribunals and Investment Courts to a Multilateral Investment Court Options Regarding the Institutionalization of Investor-State Dispute Settlement

This book considers the potential setup for a future Multilateral Investment Court (MIC). The option of an MIC was first ...

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Handbook of International Investment Law and Policy

The Handbook will feature more than 80 contributions from leading experts (academics, lawyers, government officials), including Vivienne ...

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Innovation, Economic Development, and Intellectual Property in India and China

This book analyses intellectual property and innovation governance in the development of six key industries in India and ...

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Insurance Distribution Directive A Legal Analysis

This book of the AIDA Europe Research Series on Insurance Law and Regulation offers the first comprehensive legal and regulatory ...

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Intellectual Property in the Global Trading System : EU-China Perspective

Having explored multifaceted issues of IPR enforcement, this book argues that IPR enforcement problem is not an actual outcome ...

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Investor-State Dispute Settlement and National Courts Current Framework and Reform Options

This book examines the multiple intersections between national and international courts in the field of investment protection, ...

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National Security Exceptions in International Trade and Investment Agreements

provides a comprehensive analysis of national security exceptions in international trade and investment agreements. The subject ...

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New Voices and New Perspectives in International Economic Law

brings together a series of contributions by international legal scholars that explore a range of subjects and themes in ...

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Payment Methods and Finance for International Trade / Sang Man Kim

Explains various methods of payment in international trade and trade finance schemes for international trade. It also presents ...

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Public Actors in International Investment Law

Traditional studies on actors in international investment law have tended to concentrate on arbitrators, claimant investors ...

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Public Services in EU Trade and Investment Agreements

examines the impact of EU trade and investment agreements on public services, a topic that continues to be the subject of ...

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Re-Politicising International Investment Law in Latin America through the Duty to Regulate Paradigm

offers insights into how international investment law (IIL) has frustrated states’ protection of human rights in Latin ...

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Sustainable Commodity Use : Its Governance, Legal Framework, and Future Regulatory Instruments

This book examines the governance and legal landscape of the global commodity sector. For that purpose, the author conceptualises ...

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Total Books: 1 - 19 /19