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Re-Politicising International Investment Law in Latin America through the Duty to Regulate Paradigm

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 978-3-030-73272-1

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offers insights into how international investment law (IIL) has frustrated states’ protection of human rights in Latin America, and IIL has generally abstained from dealing with inter-regime frictions. In these circumstances, this study not only argues that IIL should be an object of contention and debate (‘politicisation’). It also contends that Latin American countries have traditionally been the frontrunners in the politicisation of international legal instruments protecting foreign investment, questioning whether the paradigms informing their claims’ articulation are adequate to frame this debate.

Subject: Law and Criminology, Duty to regulate, Re-politicisation of international investment law, International investment law and human rights, Latin America, Right to water, Indigenous peoples’ right to land, International Economic Law, Trade Law, Human Rights, Latin American and Caribbean Economics