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Agroecological Transitions: From Theory to Practice in Local Participatory Design

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-01953-2

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There is wide agreement on the need to change the prevalent agricultural models, given their negative impacts and their incompatibility with current societal issues. Agroecological transition has been promoted as a potential solution to the ecological, social and economic problems generated by these models. It however involves a systemic, multi-scale and transdisciplinary process. Due to this complexity, the overall picture of what farms and food systems “actually are” and “might be” may not be apparent at the individual level. Yet individuals’ knowledge and values provide complementary insights on how to proceed in deepening ecological modernisation. Expertise can also provide landmarks to be considered in that process. Because local stakeholders’ experience and skills are key resources in the adaptation and adoption of agroecological transition, new conceptual and methodological frameworks and tools have to be developed to support them in the design process of such a complex transition. This book presents feedback from the ‘Territorial Agroecological Transition in Action’- TATA-BOX research project, which was devoted to these specific issues.

Subject: Biomedical and Life Sciences, Agriculture, Sustainable Development, Soil Science & Conservation, Environmental and Sustainability Education, Environmental Law, Policy, Ecojustice, Agriculture models, Participatory process, territorial redesign, Transition governance, Uncertainties management