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Community and Identity in Contemporary Technosciences

This book provides new thinking on scientific identity formation. It thoroughly interrogates the concepts of community and ...

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Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems : Foundations – A Conceptual Model and Some Derivations: The AMADEOS Legacy

Technical Systems-of-Systems (SoS) – in the form of networked, independent constituent computing systems temporarily collaborating ...

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From Suns to Life

This review emerged from several interdisciplinary meetings and schools gathering a group of astronomers, geologists, biologists, ...

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Hybrid Metaheuristics : An Emerging Approach to Optimization

The book is intended both to provide an overview of hybrid metaheuristics to novices of the field, and to provide researchers ...

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Infectious Diseases from Nature: Mechanisms of Viral Emergence and Persistence

many outstanding virologists and others presented papers under the broad theme of "emergence". The intent was to elucidate ...

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Knowledge and Institutions

This open access book bridges the disciplinary boundaries within the social sciences to explore the role of social institutions ...

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Projection-Based Clustering through Self-Organization and Swarm Intelligence

It covers aspects of unsupervised machine learning used for knowledge discovery in data science and introduces a data-driven ...

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Script Effects as the Hidden Drive of the Mind, Cognition, and Culture

This book reveals the hidden power of the script we read in and how it shapes and drives our minds, ways of thinking, and ...

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Self-organization and Emergence in Life Sciences

Self-organization constitutes one of the most important theoretical debates in contemporary life sciences. The present book ...

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The Nonlinear Universe : Chaos, Emergence, Life

The book explains the wide-ranging implications of nonlinear phenomena for future developments in many areas of modern science, ...

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Total Books: 1 - 10 /10