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Projection-Based Clustering through Self-Organization and Swarm Intelligence

Publication year: 2018

ISBN: 978-3-658-20540-9

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It covers aspects of unsupervised machine learning used for knowledge discovery in data science and introduces a data-driven approach to cluster analysis, the Databionic swarm(DBS). DBS consists of the 3D landscape visualization and clustering of data. The 3D landscape enables 3D printing of high-dimensional data structures.The clustering and number of clusters or an absence of cluster structure are verified by the 3D landscape at a glance. DBS is the first swarm-based technique that shows emergent properties while exploiting concepts of swarm intelligence, self-organization and the Nash equilibrium concept from game theory. It results in the elimination of a global objective function and the setting of parameters. By downloading the R package DBS can be applied to data drawn from diverse research fields and used even by non-professionals in the field of data mining.

Subject: Open Access, Cluster Analysis, Dimensionality Reduction, Swarm Intelligence, Visualization, Unsupervised machine learning, Data science, Knowledge Discovery, 3D printing, Self-Organization, Emergence, Game theory, Advanced Analytics, High-dimensional data, Multivariate data, Analysis of stuctured data, data structures