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A Stakeholder Rationale for Risk Management : Implications for Corporate Finance Decisions

Ordinarily, only the interests of shareholders, debtholders, and corporate management are taken into account when analyzing ...

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Accounting, Cash Flow and Value Relevance / Francesco Paolone

Investigates the value relevance of the operating cash flow as reported under the International Financial Reporting Standards ...

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Anti-Money Laundering : A Practical Guide to Reducing Organizational Risk / Rose Chapman

Addresses the needs of the non-specialist compliance professional from a range of industries, backgrounds and experience Outlines ...

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Asset Sales : Their Role in Restructuring and Financing Firms / Claudia Curi, Prof. Maurizio Murgia

Examines the corporate asset market and the mechanisms of asset sale transactions. The book then focuses on the theory of ...

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Banking for Family Business

Hints of globalization have actually been around for several decades, even though they made only a modest impact; however, ...

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Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services : Implications and Applications for Finance and Accounting Professionals / Sean Stein Smith

Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) have the potential to transform how the accounting and financial services ...

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Commodity Derivatives: Markets and Applications / Neil C. Schofield

The second edition includes discussions of critical new topics like dual curve swap valuation, option valuation within a ...

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Contemporary Developments in Entrepreneurial Finance : An Academic and Policy Lens on the Status-Quo, Challenges and Trends / Alexandra Moritz, Joern H. Block, Stephan Golla, Arndt Werner

Provides a contemporary research-based overview of the latest trends in entrepreneurial finance and outlines expected future ...

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Corporate Finance and Financial Development : An Emerging Market Perspective on a Post-Crisis World / Shame Mugova, Joseph Olorunfemi Akande

This book addresses key issues in corporate finance and explores them from financial development and financial stability ...

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Corporate Restructuring

This book provides a current overview and discussion about the meaning of the financing of the companies. The book uses case ...

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Corporate and Investment Banking : Preparing for a Career in Sales, Trading, and Research in Global Markets / Fidelio Tata

Provides unique information to prepare graduates and newly hired corporate and investment banking professionals for a career ...

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Corporate fraud across the globe / Larry Li, Adela McMurray

It is expected that uncovered corporate fraud negatively affects the public reputation, and financial performance of fraudulent ...

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Designing the Successful Corporate Accelerator / Jules Miller, Jeremy Kagan

The first half of the book takes a broader look at corporate innovation as a whole and how accelerators fit in, then the ...

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Digitization of the Management Accounting Function : A Case Study Analysis on Manufacturing Companies / Oliver Holtkemper

Analyzes the impact of digitization on management accounting in five manufacturing companies. It is one of the first in-depth ...

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Equity Valuation Using Multiples : An Empirical Investigation

Andreas Schreiner examines the role of multiples in equity valuation. He transforms the standard multiples valuation method ...

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Essentials of Investment and Risk Analysis : Theory and Applications / Mihail Busu

Provides an overview of the evolution of investment and risk, together with a synthesis of research on these developments. ...

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Ethics and Sustainability in Accounting and Finance, Volume II / Kıymet Tunca Çalıyurt

Continues the discussion on recent developments relating to ethical and sustainable issues in accounting & finance from Ethics ...

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Financial Analysis of Mergers and Acquisitions : Understanding Financial Statements and accounting Rules with Case Studies / Eli Amir, Dr. Marco Ghitti

Helps its readers better analyze M&A transactions using information provided in financial statements. Covering accounting ...

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Financial Distress, Corporate Restructuring and Firm Survival

Philipp Jostarndt analyzes the anatomy of financial distress for a large sample of German corporations. He studies distress-induced ...

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Financial Economics and Econometrics / Nikiforos T. Laopodis

Covers financial data and univariate models; asset returns; interest rates, yields and spreads; volatility and correlation; ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /42