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AI based Robot Safe Learning and Control

This book mainly focuses on the safe control of robot manipulators. The control schemes are mainly developed based on dynamic ...

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Adaptive Backstepping Control of Uncertain Systems : Nonsmooth Nonlinearities, Interactions or Time-Variations

This book employs the powerful and popular adaptive backstepping control technology to design controllers for dynamic uncertain ...

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Adaptive-Robust Control with Limited Knowledge on Systems Dynamics

investigates the role of artificial input delay in approximating unknown system dynamics, referred to as time-delayed control ...

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Control and Scheduling Codesign : Flexible Resource Management in Real-Time Control Systems

Recent evolutionary advances in information and communication technologies give rise to a new environment for Real Time Control ...

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Control of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems : Methods and Applications

This book is devoted to new methods of control for complex dynamical systems and deals with nonlinear control systems having ...

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Diagnosis of Process Nonlinearities and Valve Stiction : Data Driven Approaches

In this book, Higher Order Statistical (HOS) theory is used to develop indices for detecting and quantifying signal non-Gaussianity ...

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Differential Evolution Algorithm with Type-2 Fuzzy Logic for Dynamic Parameter Adaptation with Application to Intelligent Control

This book focuses on the fields of fuzzy logic, bio-inspired algorithm, especially the differential evolution algorithm and ...

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Distributed Consensus in Multi-vehicle Cooperative Control : Theory and Applications

Distributed Consensus in Multi-vehicle Cooperative Control develops distributed consensus strategies designed to ensure that ...

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Distributed Embedded Control Systems : Improving Dependability with Coherent Design

Distributed Embedded Control Systems handles the domains encountered when designing a distributed embedded computer control ...

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Dynamic Modeling, Predictive Control and Performance Monitoring : A Data-driven Subspace Approach

A typical design procedure for model predictive control or control performance monitoring consists of: identification of ...

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Informatics in Control Automation and Robotics : Selected Papers from the International Conference on Informatics in Control Automation and Robotics 2006

The present book includes a set of selected papers from the 3rd “International Conference on Informatics in Control Automation ...

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Model-based Fault Diagnosis Techniques : Design Schemes, Algorithms, and Tools

The objective of this book is to introduce basic model-based FDI schemes, advanced analysis and design algorithms and the ...

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Model-based Process Supervision : A Bond Graph Approach

Model-based fault detection and isolation requires a mathematical model of the system behaviour. Modelling is important and ...

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Precision Motion Control : Design and Implementation

Precision Motion Control (second edition) focuses on enabling technologies for precision engineering - issues of direct importance ...

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Rigid Body Dynamics Algorithms

It explains how to model a rigid-body system and how to analyze it, and it presents the most comprehensive collection of ...

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Special Topics in Information Technology Editors (view affiliations)

This book presents thirteen outstanding doctoral dissertations in Information Technology from the Department of Electronics, ...

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Special Topics in Information Technology

This book presents nine outstanding doctoral dissertations in Information Technology from the Department of Electronics, ...

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Stabilization, Optimal and Robust Control : Theory and Applications in Biological and Physical Sciences

Systems governed by nonlinear partial differential equations (PDEs) arise in many spheres of study. The stabilization and ...

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Twin-Control : A Digital Twin Approach to Improve Machine Tools Lifecycle

This book summarizes the results of the European research project “Twin-model based virtual manufacturing for machine tool-process ...

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Total Books: 1 - 19 /19