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Adaptive-Robust Control with Limited Knowledge on Systems Dynamics

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 978-981-15-0640-6

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investigates the role of artificial input delay in approximating unknown system dynamics, referred to as time-delayed control (TDC), and provides novel solutions to current design issues in TDC. Its central focus is on designing adaptive-switching gain-based robust control (ARC) for a class of Euler–Lagrange (EL) systems with minimal or no knowledge of the system dynamics parameters. The newly proposed TDC-based ARC tackles the commonly observed over- and under-estimation issues in switching gain. The consideration of EL systems lends a practical perspective on the proposed methods, and each chapter is supplemented by relevant experimental data

Subject: Intelligent Technologies and Robotics, Adaptive-robust Control, Artificial Time Delay, Euler-Lagrange Systems, State-derivative Estimation, Adaptive-Robust Time-Delayed Control, Control and Systems Theory, Engineering Design, Engineering Acoustics, Engineering Fluid Dynamics