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A Review on Dental Materials

A Review on Dental Materials discusses the current biomaterials used for dental applications and the basic sciences underpinning ...

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Advances in Dental Implantology using Nanomaterials and Allied Technology Applications

This book discusses how nanotechnology has influenced the provision of implant treatment from surgery to prosthetic reconstruction ...

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Antisense RNA Design, Delivery, and Analysis

This volume gathers a variety of models, delivery systems, and approaches that can be used to assess RNA technology for exploiting ...

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Applications of Biomedical Engineering in Dentistry

Applications of Biomedical Engineering in Dentistry offers readers a valuable overview of recent advances in biomedical engineering, ...

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Bio-based Building Skin

This book provides a compendium of material properties, demonstrates several successful examples of bio-based materials’ ...

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Biodentine : Properties and Clinical Applications / Imad About

A comprehensive guide to BiodentineTM, an innovative biocompatible and bioactive material based on pure tricalcium silicate ...

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Bioinspired Engineering of Thermal Materials / Tao Deng

A comprehensive overview and summary of recent achievements and the latest trends in bioinspired thermal materials. Following ...

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Biological Adhesives

Many plants, animals, and microbes use adhesive polymers and structures to attach to inert substrates, to each other, or ...

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Biomaterials, an Introduction is intended as a general introduction to the uses of artificial materials in the human body ...

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Biomaterials and Bionanotechnology ; 1st Edition / Rakesh Tekade

Examines the current state of the field within pharmaceutical sciences and concisely explains the history of biomaterials ...

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Biomineralization I

The five chapters of Biomineralization, volume 1, provide a bridge between the mineralogy and the organic substrates that ...

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Biomineralization II

In nature, biological organisms produce mineralized tissues such as bone, teeth, diatoms, and shells. Biomineralization is ...

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The goal of this book is to disseminate information on the worldwide status and trends in biosensing R&D to government decisionmakers ...

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Brain-Computer Interfaces : An International Assessment of Research and Development Trends

This WTEC study gathered information on worldwide status and trends in BCI research to disseminate to government decisionmakers ...

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Bulk Fill Resin Composites in Dentistry: A Clinical Guide / Joseph Sabbagh, Robert McConnell

Dedicated to all relevant aspects of bulk fill materials and their uses in clinical practice. Today, we count over 30 different ...

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Cellulose: Molecular and Structural Biology

Cellulose: Molecular and Structural Biology is an up-to-date treatise on the most advanced and provocative research into ...

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Clinical Cases in Dental Hygiene / Cheryl M. Westphal Theile, Mea A. Weinberg, Stuart L. Segelnick

An indispensable resource to understanding both the theory and practice of dental hygiene, illustrated by real-life cases ...

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Collagen : Structure and Mechanics

Collagen: Structure and Mechanics provides a cohesive introduction to collagen-rich tissues, such as tendon, bone, cornea ...

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Functional Biomaterials : Drug Delivery and Biomedical Applications / Sougata JanaSubrata Jana

Explores in depth a wide range of functional biomaterials-based systems for drug, gene delivery, and biomedical aspects. ...

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Functional Materials and Biomaterials

This book has the highest impact factor of all publications ranked by ISI within polymer science. It contains short and concise ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /40