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Bio-based Building Skin

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-981-13-3747-5

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This book provides a compendium of material properties, demonstrates several successful examples of bio-based materials’ application in building facades, and offers ideas for new designs and novel solutions. It features a state-of-the-art review, addresses the latest trends in material selection, assembling systems, and innovative functions of facades in detail. Selected case studies on buildings from diverse locations are subsequently presented to demonstrate the successful implementation of various biomaterial solutions, which defines unique architectural styles and building functions. The structures, morphologies and aesthetic impressions related to bio-based building facades are discussed from the perspective of art and innovation; essential factors influencing the performance of materials with respect to functionality and safety are also presented. Special emphasis is placed on assessing the performance of a given facade throughout the service life of a building, and after its end.

Subject: Earth and Environmental Science, Façade Structure, Service Life Building Performance, Building Function, Responsive Facades, Biomaterials for Buildings, Building Degradation, Ligno-cellulosic Materials, Building Aesthetics, Sustainable Buildings, Sustainable Architecture, Green Buildings, Building Materials, Biomaterials, Sustainable Development, Building Construction and Design, Structural Materials