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Bioprocessing Technology for Production of Biopharmaceuticals and Bioproducts / Claire Komives

Written for industrial and academic researchers and development scientists in the life sciences industry, Bioprocessing Technology ...

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Cyclized Helical Peptides: Synthesis, Properties and Therapeutic Applications / Zigang Li

Constraint helical peptides have emerged as a solution to target previously undruggable protein-protein interactions, which ...

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DNA- and RNA-Based Computing Systems / Evgeny Katz

DNA- and RNA-Based Computing Systems delivers an authoritative overview of DNA- and RNA-based biocomputing systems that touches ...

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Enzymatic and Chemical Synthesis of Nucleic Acid Derivatives / Jesús Fernández Lucas

The book covers enzymatic (including chemo-enzymatic) methods, with a focus on the synthesis and incorporation of modified ...

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High Value Fermentation Products, Volume 1: Human Health / Saurabh Saran

This book describes relevant aspects of industrial-scale fermentation, an expanding area of activity, which already generates ...

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Molecular Technology, Volume 2: Life Innovation / Hisashi Yamamoto

Interdisciplinary and application-oriented, this ready reference focuses on methods and processes with a high practical aspect, ...

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Principles and Applications of Fermentation Technology / Arindam Kuila

The book covers all aspects of fermentation technology such as principles, reaction kinetics, scaling up of processes, and ...

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Ribozymes: Principles, Methods, Applications, 2 Volume Set / Sabine Müller

Ribozymes is organized into six major parts. It starts by describing general principles and strategies of nucleic acid catalysis. ...

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Total Books: 1 - 8 /8