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A Risk-Benefit Perspective on Early Customer Integration

Customer integration in the early innovation phase has been considered the method of choice in theory and practice. Growing ...

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Comparative Perspectives on Work-Life Balance and Gender Equality

This book portrays men’s experiences of home alone leave and how it affects their lives and family gender roles in different ...

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Designing Balanced Scorecard for International Bank for Trade and Finance in Syria تمام المغوش ؛ خديجة ظاظا ؛ ريتا يبرودي ؛ نورس مدني ؛ إشراف د. ليلاس اللحام

The research team tested the availability of the dimensions of the balanced scorecard in the Syrian Trade and Finance Bank. ...

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Ecosystem Organization of a Complex Landscape

Presents the major findings of a 12-year ecological study of the Bornhöved Lake District, situated some 30 km south of Kiel. ...

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Electronic Government (vol. # 3591)

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Electronic Government, EGOV 2005, held ...

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Energy Metabolism and Obesity : Research and Clinical Applications

This book elucidate the most important aspects of genetic background, neuropeptide secretion and action, neuronal pathways, ...

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Enterprise Management with SAP SEM™

In order to make strategy happen there is a need for powerful management information systems. SAP focuses on the application ...

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Financial Controlling / Stefan Behringer

Provides an introduction to the fundamentals of operational and strategic controlling. It conveys the central tasks and functions ...

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Foreign Investor Misconduct in International Investment Law

examines the issue of foreign investor misconduct in modern international investment law, focusing on the approach that international ...

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Innovation Scorecard : A Method to Measure Innovation in Agile Projects and Business Environments / Ondrej Zizlavsky

The concept of innovation is not new. It relates closely to the concept of change. Both are inevitable in today’s and tomorrow’s ...

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Management Methods and Tools

This textbook includes the most important management methods and tools. The author does not restrict himself to describing ...

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Management by Measurement

The selection of good performance indicators is not an easy process. This monograph focuses on the designing of a Performance ...

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Pharmacotherapy of Obesity

Obesity has become a major epidemic that now rivals smoking as a risk to public health. The ensuing epidemics of diabetes, ...

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Piezoelectric Sensors

Chemically and biologically functionalized piezoelectric sensors are attractive alternatives to surface-sensitive transducers ...

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Plant Physiological Ecology

Plant Physiological Ecology, Second Edition is significantly updated, with full color illustrations and begins with the primary ...

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Project E-Society: Building Bricks

The IFIP series publishes state-of-the-art results in the sciences and technologies of information and communication. The ...

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Reading Between the Lines of Corporate Financial Reports : In Search of Financial Misstatements / Jacek Welc

Provides a digestible step-by-step guide to reading corporate financial reports, drawing upon real-life case studies and ...

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Resetting Human Resource Management : Seven Essential Steps to Evolve from Crises / Hermann Troger

It provides the tools for effective human resource management, summarized in the following seven success factors: demographic-oriented ...

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Total Performance Scorecard

Le tableau de bord de la performance totale vise le développement maximum de tous les collaborateurs de l'entreprise et ...

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Transport Equations in Biology

The book contains many ex- ples without mathematical analysis.In some other cases complete mathematical proofs are detailed, ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /20