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Reading Between the Lines of Corporate Financial Reports : In Search of Financial Misstatements / Jacek Welc

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 978-3-030-61041-8

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Provides a digestible step-by-step guide to reading corporate financial reports, drawing upon real-life case studies and examples of corporate collapses and accounting scandals, and applying practical tools to financial statement analysis. Appealing to a range of practitioners within corporate finance including investors, managers, and business analysts, this book is the first to specifically address the challenges facing those who are not professional accountants and auditors when examining corporate financial reports. Corporate financial reports are used widely by managers, investors, creditors, and government agencies to examine company performance and evaluate potential risks. However, although seemingly an invaluable source of information for managerial decision-making, financial reports are often based on rough simplifications of a very complex reality. With no way of avoiding deliberate manipulations and fraudulent activity, these statements cannot be relied on completely when selecting stocks or evaluating credit risk, and therefore poor analysis can lead to potentially disastrous investment decisions.

Subject: Corporate Finance, Accounting, Financial Services, Investment, Decision-making, Financial statements, Financial reporting, Risk, Economic perfomance, Fraud, Income statement, Balance sheet, Cash flow statement, Financial collapse, Financial statement analysis, Stock valuation, Business analyst, Credit risk analyst, Corporate accounting, Corporate financial officer, Stock market, Financial data