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Advances in Land Remote Sensing : System, Modeling, Inversion and Application

It systematically summarizes the past achievements and identifies the frontier issues as the research agenda for the near ...

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Air Pollution Modeling and Its Application XIX

The book is aimed at researchers and government policy makers who wish to keep abreast of the most recent developments in ...

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Applications of Plant Metabolic Engineering

Written by leading international experts in the field of plant metabolic engineering, this book discusses, mainly, applications ...

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Associative and Endophytic Nitrogen-fixing Bacteria and Cyanobacterial Associations

Associative and Endophytic Nitrogen-fixing Bacteria and Cyanobacterial Associations This book is part of the seven-volume ...

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Computational Earthquake Physics, Part II

Exciting developments in earthquake science have benefited from new observations, improved computational technologies, and ...

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Data Assimilation

Data Assimilation comprehensively covers data assimilation and inverse methods, including both traditional state estimation ...

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Discoveries in Photosynthesis

Conceived of as a way of summarizing the history of research advances in photosynthesis as of millennium 2000, the book evolved ...

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Encyclopedia of Diasporas

The encyclopedia consists of two volumes covering three main sections: Diaspora Overviews covers over 20 ethnic groups that ...

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Farewell to the Internal Clock

Nearly everything making up what we call the “environment” of a plant has an infuence on the way it grows. Sunlight, ...

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In Vitro Culture of Mycorrhizas

biologists have made important progress in understanding better the functioning of AM fungi. An in vitro technique has been ...

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Lotus japonicus Handbook

This handbook represents the first effort to compile basic descriptions and methods for research in Lotus, including symbiotic ...

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Low-Dimensional Molecular Metals

Assimilating new research in the field of low-dimensional metals, this monograph provides a detailed overview of the current ...

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Total Books: 12/31