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Data Assimilation Fundamentals : A Unified Formulation of the State and Parameter Estimation Problem

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-3-030-96709-3

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This textbook's significant contribution is the unified derivation of data-assimilation techniques from a common fundamental and optimal starting point, namely Bayes' theorem. Unique for this book is the "top-down" derivation of the assimilation methods. It starts from Bayes theorem and gradually introduces the assumptions and approximations needed to arrive at today's popular data-assimilation methods. This strategy is the opposite of most textbooks and reviews on data assimilation that typically take a bottom-up approach to derive a particular assimilation method.

Subject: Earth and Environmental Science, Earth System Sciences, Applied Statistics, Statistics, general, Bayesian Inference, Data Assimilation, Parameter Estimation, Ensemble Kalman Filter, Representer Method, Ensemble Methods, Particle Filter, Particle Flow