The Arab International University announces its desire to provide its administrative staff, with a number of members of the administrative body in the University Clinic, under the job title: Doctor
Job Requirements:
  1. First aid procedures for students and the educational and administrative staff.
  2. Examining and diagnosing the patient’s condition and determining the optimal treatment or referring it to a specialist.
  3. Follow up the patients' case, documenting it, and preparing the necessary reports.
  4. Raising health awareness among university cadres of all categories.
  5. Developing contingency plans in coordination with the concerned directorates.
  6. Any other duties assigned to them within the scope of the professional specialty.
ٌٌRequired conditions:
  • Holds a university degree in human medicine.
  • Has sufficient experience in the field.
  • Full-time and able to withstand working pressure.
Applicants should send the CV attached with a cover letter to, using the following phrase as an email Subject (Job title - PV19).

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