The Arab International University announces its desire to provide its administrative staff, with a number of members of the administrative body in the Sports Complex, under the job title: Lifeguard.
Lifeguard position: 
The guard is responsible for maintaining order in the pool facilities by preventing accidents by applying the policies, rules and regulations of the university's sports center and is also responsible for monitoring pool facilities for potential hazards or unsafe conditions and providing first aid to users.
Job Requirements:
  1. Carrying out all tasks assigned by the Center's director.
  2. Perform first aid  and CPR when necessary.
  3. Maintaining public safety.
  4. Monitor the area designated for the prevention of accidents and injuries and must adhere to the necessary precautions to ensure the health and safety of users.
  5. Apply the rules and regulations of the sports center, adhere to the facility policy, help users, and remind beneficiaries of the facility’s rules when necessary in a polite and kind manner.
  6. Writing and documenting all disciplinary problems and accidents to the manager so that they are accurate and concise reports.
  7. Facilities must be kept clean and public safety maintained.
  8. Check all gates and doors at closing time.
ٌٌRequired conditions:

  • Holds a valid rescue certificate from the Syrian Arab Swimming Federation. 
  • Holds first aid certificate.
  • Has experience of not less than 3 years in the field of specialization.
  • Full-time and able to withstand working pressure.
Applicants should send the CV attached with a cover letter to, using the following phrase as an email Subject (Job title and name in Arabic - PV13).

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