Technical Support Employee

Technical Support Employee
The International Arab University announces its desire to provide its administrative staff, with a number of members of the administrative body in the Directorate of Information Technology, under the job title: Technical Support Employee
Job Requirements:
  1. Installing and operating new hardware, installing programs and operating systems.
  2. Maintenance of personnel devices through the use of the Helpdesk system 
  3. Preparing reports on maintenance operations and providing recommendations for possible solutions. 
  4. Providing technical support for employees ’computers and responding to inquiries. 
  5. Performing any other tasks that fall within the scope of his responsibility in terms of information technology. 
  6. Solve the problems of identifying peripheral devices (printers - scanners - fingerprints .....) and share them on the network
  7. Writing a periodic report to show what has been done and what has been postponed.
  8. Any other duties assigned to him within the scope of his professional specialty.
Required Conditions and Skills: 
  • Holds a university degree or a technical institute according to the required specialty.
  • Has sufficient experience in the field.
  • Has communication skills and teamwork spirit within a team.
  • Full-time and able to withstand working pressure.
Applicants should email the CV attached with a cover letter to, using the following phrase as an email Subject (Job title in Arabic - PV07).

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