AIU - Message from the FLC Director

Arab International University (AIU), is pleased to offer you a very unique program. Our ESL program, which includes four levels, will help you to improve your English proficiency. Not only does our program focus on improving your English skills but it is also pursuing to achieve your personal, academic and career goals.

At the university, we are offering the four distinct levels of instruction that range from Level zero through Level 3. The Foreign Languages Center (FLC) administration and teaching staff will always be with you while you are studying English and other vital languages at Arab International University (AIU) through various specialized programs in different colleges. Since 2005, AIU has improved its program to customize students

Since 2005, AIU has improved its program to customize students’ needs through different strategies of learning a foreign language, especially English. Our self-esteemed and highly qualified teachers will not hesitate to exert every possible effort to make sure that the pedagogical operation goes as smoothly as possible.

The highly equipped language labs, offered by the AIU, are engineered to match the latest methods of learning different languages.

On behalf of our staff and myself I welcome you and your interest in the Language Program. I wish you all the success and progress through your endeavor to grasp the knowledge for a better future.


Mohamad Amer Alrejouleh

Director of Foreign Languages Center