Exchange Programs

Students’ Exchange Programs at Arab International University

Effective internationalization means first and foremost exchange of students and teachers. It requires effective support services including electronic coordination and communication of opportunities and procedures. Students and faculty members must be equipped to collaborate in international activities as equal partners to develop an international pool of knowledge.

The counselling of AIU students is taking place by individual sessions or as information sessions at faculties’ level related to the following issues:

  • Where and how to study
  • How to apply for an admission
  • How to write a CV and a motivation letter
  • How to establish learning agreements
  • How to obtain international grants
  • How to apply for a visa

A prerequisite for international exchange programs at AIU is not only the recognition of educational degrees from both sides, but also the compatibility of program structures as well as study and examination regulations in order to get study abroad performances of exchange students credited back home

The exchange of teachers usually takes place in the framework of external funded projects or international assignments of individual professors.

 Students’ Exchange Program with Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences (HHN) and Martin Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg:

The University of Applied Sciences Heilbronn, located about 60 km north-west of Stuttgart, is specialized in Technology, Economics and Informatics. It is a very international university with around 100 foreign partner universities, of which 25 are located outside of the European Union. In terms of students’ exchange, Heilbronn receives about 80 incoming students and organizes study abroad for about 100 outgoing students of which 30 applied for universities outside of EU countries.

The exchange project focuses until now on under-graduate study abroad of one or two semesters, whereby both universities wave the tuition fees and students finance travel and living expenses themselves.

The students’ exchange program is facilitated by the fact that the Bachelor program at HHN “International Business and Intercultural Management” as well as the Bachelor program at MLU  “International Bachelor in Economics” are instructed in English language, the reason, why a students’ exchange program on the Bachelor level is possible.

Very often the barrier for academic cooperation is the language, since the majority of German Universities do not offer Bachelor programs instructed in English. Furthermore, HNN has taken the Arab language as a compulsory second language in its Bachelor program, a circumstance, which motivates students from HHN to do a study abroad at AIU to include intensive language training at the Arab Language Center (ALC) into their study abroad.