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Mucosal Immunology and Virology

Publish Date: 2006

ISBN: 978-1-84628-206-5

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Mucosal Immunology and Virology is designed to provide the clinician with a thorough and yet approachable textbook describing the relationships between immunology, virology and the disease process. It includes a vast wealth of information and illustrations to enable the reader to become familiar with the clinical presentation of these diseases, the tests needed to establish the diagnosis, and the treatment of the disease including specific antiviral agents. Suitable for residents and clinicians in immunology, infectious diseases, internal medicine and dermatology the book reviews the systematic manifestations of mucosal viral infections, including those involving the mouth, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, anogenital mucosa and ocular infections

Subject: Medicine, Mucosa, immunodermatology, infection, mucosal immunology, physiology, virus