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Research Methodologies and Ethical Challenges in Digital Migration Studies : Caring For (Big) Data?

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-3-030-81226-3

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This book investigates the methodological and ethical dilemmas involved when working with digital technologies and large-scale datasets in relation to ethnographic studies of digital migration practices and trajectories. Digital technologies reshape not only every phase of the migration process itself (by providing new ways to access, to share and preserve relevant information) but also the activities of other actors, from solidarity networks to border control agencies. In doing so, digital technologies create a whole new set of ethical and methodological challenges for migration studies: from data access to data interpretation, privacy protection, and research ethics more generally.

Subject: Social Sciences, Migration, Social Media, Digital, New Media, Digital Humanities, Big Data, Digital technologies, Research ethics, Social media, Ethnography, Privacy, Data Sets, Digital Humanities