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The New Politics of Numbers : Utopia, Evidence and Democracy

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-3-030-78201-6

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This book offers unique insight into how and where ideas and instruments of quantification have been adopted, and how they have come to matter. Rather than asking what quantification is, New Politics of Numbers explores what quantification does, its manifold consequences in multiple domains. It scrutinizes the power of numbers in terms of the changing relations between numbers and democracy, the politics of evidence, and dreams and schemes of bettering society. The book engages Foucault inspired studies of quantification and the economics of convention in a critical dialogue.

Subject: Political Science and International Studies, Legislative and Executive Politics, Public Administration, Public Policy, quantification, quantification practices, Executive Politics, Governance, Numbers, Evidence, Democracy, politics of evidence, Foucault, administrative capacity, democracy, policy sectors, economics of convention, utopia, new public management, convention theory, social criticism