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Co-Creativity and Engaged Scholarship : Transformative Methods in Social Sustainability Research

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-3-030-84248-2

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This book explores creative and collaborative research methods within the social sustainability sciences. The term co-creativity is used in reference to both individual methods and overarching research approaches that, through socially inclusive forms of action and reflection, stimulate alternative understandings of why and how things are, and how they could be. Supported by a wide-ranging series of in-depth—including chapters on militant research and guerrilla narrative, decolonial participative approaches, appreciate inquiry and care-ethics, deep-mapping, photo-voice, community-arts, digital participatory mapping, and living labs—the edited collection critically reviews the potential of creative, collaborative and transdisciplinary forms of research praxis to nurture just and transformative processes of change.

Subject: Social Sciences, Environmental Policy, Sociology, Geography, Environment, History, general, Human Geography, sustainability, transdisciplinary, methods, mixed methods, creative research methods, social sustainability science, research methods, resilient, environmental practice