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14th International Congress for Applied Mineralogy (ICAM2019)

This proceedings of the 14th International Council for Applied Mineralogy Congress (ICAM) in Belgorod, Russia cover a wide ...

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3-D Structural Geology

This book provides an overview of techniques for constructing structural interpretations in 2-D, 2½-D and 3-D environments; ...

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3D Radiative Transfer in Cloudy Atmospheres

Assessing developments in three-dimensional cloud radiation, this volume treats two main application areas: the impact of ...

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3D Recording and Interpretation for Maritime Archaeology

Includes recording and analysis of maritime archaeology through emerging technologies, including both practical and theoretical ...

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3D-Groundwater Modeling with PMWIN

Along with a companion full-version software (PMWIN), this text offers an integrated simulation system. PMWIN comes with ...

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A Biomass Future for the North American Great Plains

The Great Plains of North America is a major global breadbasket but its agriculture is stressed by drought, heat spells, ...

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A Changing World

Written primarily for researchers and advanced students in environmental and social sciences, this latest book in Springer’s ...

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A City in Blue and Green

Highlights Singapore’s development into a city in which water and greenery, along with associated environmental, technical, ...

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A Cost Based Approach to Project Management : Planning and Controlling Construction Project Costs /

Illustrates the principles of project management and the essentials of cost planning and control with easy-to-understand ...

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A Guide to Sustainable Corporate Responsibility : From Theory to Action

This book discusses the challenges and opportunities faced by companies in an age that increasingly values sustainability ...

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A Handbook of Sustainable Building Design and Engineering : An Integrated Approach to Energy, Health and Operational Performance / Dejan Mumovic, Mat Santamouris

Equips students with the tools they will need to tackle the challenges of sustainable building design and engineering. The ...

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A History of Atmospheric CO2 and Its Effects on Plants, Animals, and Ecosystems

the authors address the future role of atmospheric CO2 and its likely effects on ecosystems. This book incorporates the advances ...

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A Life Cycle for Clusters?

The phenomenon of non-random spatial concentrations of firms in one or few related sectors (clusters) is intensively debated ...

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A Portrait of State-of-the-Art Research at the Technical University of Lisbon

This book contains the edited version of the invited lectures that were delivered by prominent researchers at UTL. This book ...

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A Primer on Environmental Decision-Making

This book integrates decision-making and environmental science. For ecologists it will bridge the gap to economics. For practitioners ...

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A Roadmap for Formal Property Verification

This book develops the answers to these questions and fits them into a roadmap for formal property verification – a roadmap ...

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A Sea Change: The Exclusive Economic Zone and Governance Institutions for Living Marine Resources

A Sea Change in a Changing Sea The oceans, seas and coastal areas encompass over 70% of the earth’s surface. They are a ...

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A Space of Their Own: The Archaeology of Nineteenth Century Lunatic Asylums in Britain, South Australia and Tasmania

The history of lunatic asylums – what do we really know about them? Films and television programs have portrayed them as ...

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A Visual Atlas for Soil Micromorphologists

This atlas is an up-to-date visual resource on the features and structures observed in soil thin sections, i.e. soil micromorphology.

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A Window on the Future of Geodesy

These proceedings represent the worldwide picture of the state of the art of geodesy. The volume comprehensively covers the ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /1456